灘高校 入試問題(英語) 2018年度 第3問


年度 問題 内容 ジャンル 単語数 語彙レベル readability 難易度
95% 97% AVR ARI CLI
2018年度 第3問 チャリに空気入れるよ 物語 日常 214 5,000 6,000 1.6 4.0 6.6




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”The small leak seemed to have gotten even bigger.”





◇leakは「漏れ口, 漏れ穴」

◇seem to have ppは完了不定詞。本問ではseemedと過去形だから、to have ppは過去完了を表す。「~であったようだった」

◇get biggerは比較級を用いてるの「より大きくなる」。evenは比較級を強調する。「なお、さらに」

ex-1) I can carry one even larger.(もっと大きいのでも運べる)
ex-2)Thís flower is even prettier than thát one.(この花はあの花よりさらにきれいだ)

<問2>は”He stood back and admired his "new" tires proudly.のnewに引用符がついている理由を問う問題。






<問3>は空所にあてはまる適切な文を選ぶ問題。解答は「ウ Nothing is ever simple」だと思う(多分)。


<問4>は空所にあてはまる適切な単語を選ぶ問題。解答は「ウ dark」。



ア Owen's bike could not stand upright because the tires were flat and the kickstand was broken.

イ Looking at his bike, Owen wondered if this would be the last time to ride it through his neighborhood.

ウ It was so hot that Owen had much trouble in cleaning up and inspecting his apartment.

エ Owen tried looking for his new $10 pump that had various accessories for easy pumping, but he couldn't find it.

オ Owen didn't find the used pump he had been looking for about a month ago. He said to himself, "I've got everything, but I can't find anything."

カ Owen first pumped up the rear tire and next the front. During this tough job, he drank two bottles of soda.


 エとカが正解。第一段落に、"he had wedged the front tire in between two so that the bike would stand upright."とあるのでアは誤り。”wedge”は知らない受験生が多かったと思う。"to make sth stay in a particular position, especially open or shut, by placing sth against it"
 イは"When was the last time I rode this thing, he wondered as he looked at it"とあるので誤り。

 第二段落に"Owen had spent Saturday and most of Sunday cleaning up his apartment."とあるのでウは誤り。