東大 入試問題(英語) 2012年 第5問(単語・イディオム)

〈paragraph 1〉

big deal: If you say that something is a big deal, you mean that it is important or significant in some way

after all: ①(しかし)結局, やっぱり(in spite of what you thought was true or expected to happen), ②だって, 何といっても, そうはいっても⦅先行する文に関して, 理由や意見を述べるときに用いる⦆(used to say that something should be remembered or considered, because it helps to explain what you have just said)

ex①) I wasn’t planning to go to the party, but I changed my mind and went after all.(パーティーに行く予定はなかったが, 気が変わって結局行った)

ex②-1) Prisoners should be treated with respect - they are human beings after all.

ex②‐2) I don’t know why you’re so concerned - it isn’t your problem after all.


A sari for a month. It shouldn't have been a big deal but it was. After all, I had grown up around women wearing saris in India.


should have ppは、『①~すべきであった(過去の行為・状態に対する非難・後悔),②当然~したはずだ(動作や行為が完了していることを推測),③ (仮に…ならば)…であろうに, …するのだが、(仮にあのとき…だったとしたならば)…であった[した]ろうに(仮定法過去(過去完了)で表される仮定の結果),④判断・感情・驚きのshould。should have+過去分詞で …したとは』、等の意味がある。本問では①の意味。

ex①) It was such a moving picture. You should have seen it.(とても感動的な映画だったよ。君にみせてやりたかったよ)

ex②) They should have arrived there by now.(彼はもうそこについているはずだ)

ex③) I should have been at a loss without your advice.(あなたの助言がなかったら私は途方に暮れていたでしょう)
ex④) I am surprised that she should have invited Tom.(彼女がトムを招待したとは驚いた)

〈paragraph 2〉

outrageous: ① 不法な, けしからぬ; 途方もない; (非常に)乱暴(very shocking and extremely unfair or offensive), ②とっぴな, 風変わりな(extremely unusual and slightly amusing or shocking)

cf.outrage:n.①乱暴, 暴行,憤慨させる[けしからぬ]行為, ②(乱暴や侮辱に対する)憤慨, 激怒


〈paragraph 3〉

fabric: n.①織物,② 生地

yet: conj. それにもかかわらず, しかしそれでも, けれども

ex-1) It is strange (and) yet true.(不思議なことだが本当だ)

ex-2)Though the water is deep, yet it is clear. (水は深いけれども澄んでいる)


garment:n. 衣類の一点,下着の一点


The sari is six yards of fabric folded into a graceful yet impractical garment. 


fragile: ① easily broken or damaged,② weak and uncertain; easily destroyed or spoilt,③ delicate and often beautiful,④ not strong and likely to become ill/sick

fall apart: ばらばらに壊れる, (風習・関係などが)崩壊する


〈paragraph 4〉

throw one's shoulder back:胸を張る

ex) Throw back your shoulders and walk straight.(胸を張って歩きなさい)

posture:n. ①姿勢,②心構え, 態度

squeeze in(into): ① to just manage to fit into a small space, ②to just manage to fit sb/sth into a short period of time

ex①)The bus was so full not one more passenger could have squeezed in.

ex②)If you come this afternoon the doctor will try to squeeze you in.


〈paragraph 5〉

experiment :vi.①実験する(to do a scientific experiment or experiments),②試す(to try or test new ideas, methods, etc, to find out what effect they have)

ex②)He believes that students should be encouraged to experiment with bold ideas.


After getting married, I became a housewife experimenting with more fashionable clothes.



〈paragraph 6〉

profoundly: adv. 深く,心から,全く

cf.profound:adj.① (影響などが)強い, 激しい,② 心の底からの,③ (考え・学問などが)深遠な, 深い


flavor:n.①風味(how food or drink tastes),②特色,趣,味わい(a quality or feature that makes something have a particular style or character)

ex②) Foreign visitors help to give a truly international flavour to the occasion.


Wearing a sari every day was my way of showing her that she could melt into the pot while keeping her individual flavor.


melting potは、「人種のるつぼ」。米国社会を指す比喩表現。melt into the pot はこれをもじったのでしょう。米国社会に溶け込むということ。


〈paragraph 7〉


on one's own terms: 自分の思いのままに,自分のやり方で

ex) Do it on your own terms.(自分でやりたいようにやりなさい)


〈paragraph 8〉

ease into :to gradually become, or help sb become, familiar with sth new, especially a new job

ex) It’s time to ease the kids back into the school routine.

step:n.歩み, 1 歩, 歩幅,わずかな距離.

ex) The station is just a few steps from here.(ここから駅はすぐそこだ)


〈paragraph 9〉

hail.vt. 〈船・車・人〉を大声で呼ぶ, 呼び止める


〈paragraph 10〉



I felt part of a long line of Indian mothers who had rocked their babies this way.


rock(vi.vt)は①〈揺りかごなどを〉(緩やかに)揺り動かす, ② 〈人・物を〉揺すって(…に)する;〈人を〉(安心するよう)なだめる。lineの訳 は難しい。ひねらずに「列」でもいいかな。



〈paragraph 11〉

unease:n. 不安, 心配, 困惑


〈paragraph 12〉

impractical:adj. 実際的でない,実用的でない

sensible:adj. ①思慮のある, 分別のある,②(衣服などが)実用的な(useful rather than fashionable), (考え・方法などが)実際的な